Folia Horticulturae

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Cucumber cultivation under plastic covers - economic results

Piotr Siwek, Maria Lipowiecka

Department of Vegetable Crops and Horticultural Economics
Faculty of Horticulture, Agricultural University in Kraków
29 Listopada 54, 31-425 Kraków, Poland

Studies aimed at diminishing the negative effect of climate on growth, yielding and profitability of cucumber cultivation by application of various types of covers. Four kinds of cover were used for a tunnel, as well as three additional kinds of thermal insulation, six different dimensions of tunnels, 3 kinds of mulch, and 4 types of direct shading were tested. The highest yields were obtained for ‘Marinda F1’ cucumber in plastic tunnels, where soil was mulched with colourless or black polyethylene film. The lowest yield was produced by crops shaded directly with perforated film. Increase in yields, including commercial yields and its earliness resulted in the increase in commercial production value, which covered additional costs incurred by covers. The gross margin of 2.42 PLN per m2 was obtained, being three times greater than in the cultivation without covers.

Siwek P., Lipowiecka M., 2004. Cucumber cultivation under plastic covers - economic results. Folia Horticulturae 16/2: 49-55.