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Results of a nine year study of the effect of semi growing rootstocks on the growth and yielding of the ‘Ligol’ apple

Alojzy Czynczyk, Barbara Bartosiewicz

Research Institute of Pomology and Floriculture
Pomologiczna 18, 96-100 Skierniewice, Poland

Over the period of 9 years (1993-2001) the suitability for fruit-growing of eleven rootstocks - M.9 EMLA, M.9 T 337, Pajam 1, Pajam 2, P 2, P 16, P 22, P 59, M.26, P 13, and P 14 - was studied for the ‘Ligol’ apple. The results obtained indicate that following the winter of 1998 trees growing on M.9 T 337, Pajam 2, Pajam 1, P 2, P 13, and P 16 had the most symptoms of vertical bark splitting and as a result the highest number of dead trees. Trees growing on the sub-clones of M.9: M.9 T 337, Pajam 1, and Pajam 2 and the rootstocks P 2 and P 16 were similar to the trees growing on the standard rootstock M.9 EMLA with respect to tree size. Trees on P 22 and P 59 were significantly smaller than those on M.9 EMLA, and trees on P 14 were in general similar in size to M.26. Yield and cumulative yields were in general proportional to tree size. Yielding of trees on the sub-clones of M.9 and the dwarfing rootstocks was similar to that of trees growing on the standard rootstock M.9 EMLA. Trees growing on P 59, Pajam 2, and M.9 T 337 had the highest yielding efficiency index and those on P 13, P 14, and M.26 the lowest. Despite annual fruitlet thinning, the biennial bearing index was fairly high and ranged from 0.43 to 0.70. The sub-clones of M.9 and rootstocks with varying growth vigour included in the trial had no significant effect on the size, mass, and colouring of the fruit. Particular attention, however, should be drawn to the mass of apples of ‘Ligol’ which ranged from 181 to 234 g. The results of the nine-year study lead to the conclusion that rootstocks M.9 EMLA and their sub-clones M.T 337, Pajam 2, as well as P 2, P 16, P 22, P 59 are highly suitable for the cultivar ‘Ligol’ on rich and irrigated soils. For orchard located on light soils also semi-dwarfing rootstocks M.26 and P 14 are suitable for ‘Ligol’ cultivar.

Czynczyk A., Bartosiewicz B., 2003. Results of a nine year study of the effect of semi growing rootstocks on the growth and yielding of the ‘Ligol’ apple. Folia Horticulturae 15/1: 49-56.